Intimate Bleaching

What is Intimate bleaching?

Intimate bleaching is a technique of applying a series of skin prep and lightening topicals on delicate areas of the body such as vulvar (labia majora, mons pubis) and perianal skin.

What causes darkening or discoloration of the skin?

As we age, it is not uncommon for this to occur. Hormone changes from pregnancy and menopause can also contribute. It is more noticeable after waxing and the hair is removed. Heat as in someone who exercises in hot climates, hot yoga, cycling, etc can see darkening of this skin.

What does the procedure entail?

First, the skin in cleaned and exfoliated. Then, a blend of natural skin lightening agents are delivered into the skin. These gently lighten the skin on top and and reduce one of the enzymes, Tyrosinase, that causes darkening of the skin in the lower layers. Lastly, a soothing cream is used to moisturize and protect. As newer skin comes to the surface, you will see a lighter skin tone. Continued use maintains the desired look. By working in combination with gentle exfoliating, skin lightening and pigment inhibiting, this formula produces excellent results in most uses of all skin types.

Is the procedure painful?

No. It is painless. Some may find it initially awkward because of the nature of the area and are pleasantly surprised afterwards that is truly was “no big deal”. Due to the sensitivity of the vulvar and perianal skin and the massaging necessary to allow penetration of the topical gels and creams into the skin, some incidental stimulation of the genitals may occur. Being a gynecologist and familiar with thousands of gynecologic exams over the 20+ years of practice, I am very knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with female anatomy. I will do my best to make this a professional treatment and make you feel at ease. However, if you have a history of sexual abuse or are extremely disturbed by the thought of the treatment, please do not have this done. It is cosmetic, completely voluntary and not medically necessary. It will not be a beneficial treatment for you if it is traumatically stressful.

Is the procedure safe?

Yes! The formula contains only natural skin lighteners such as licorice root and bearberry extract. There is no hydroquinone, kojic acid or mercury.

How many treatments will I need?

Most people will see the desired results in 3-5 treatments. However, each person is different and length of time can vary. Then, a maintenance regimen can be prescribed for home use or occasional in office treatments to maintain the desired result.

Are there any other areas that can be treated?

Yes! Absolutely! Underarms, bikini line, inner thighs can all be treated as well.

Do I need to have the hair waxed or shaved before the treatment?

Waxing the day of or a few days prior will help exfoliate the skin and help improve your results. It is not mandatory but recommended. I can refer you to some places that will do Brazilian waxing. You can also shave the area if you currently do so. This may lead to ingrown hairs if you are new to shaving this area and therefore, I would recommend getting a wax if desired.

Is there any post care I should be concerned with?

No exercise, showering, swimming, intercourse should occur for at least 4-6 hours after treatment. The lightening effect will still be occurring for 2 hours after the procedure.

Can the skin become too light?

No. The skin will only lighten back to its original color. One will not get hypopigmentation or white spots.


– Bikini $100

– Inner Thigh $150
– Labia $100
– Anal $50
– Anal/Labia $125
– Underarms $100


Get 4 treatments in one area and get the 5th free (Labia excluded)

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