Dysport Xeomin Injections

XEOMIN (pronounced zee-oh-min) is the newest Neuromodulator in the U.S, becoming available in 2011 and is made by Merz Aesthetics. This new product acts like its predecessors Botox and Dysport in reducing or preventing contractions of the glabellar muscle between the eyes and other wrinkles caused by facial expression.

The difference in Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA) is that it does not carry the proteins that are typical of the other products. The potential advantage lies in the lessened likelihood of antibodies being formed to the proteins which – for a very limited number of patients – can render the product ineffective. (This typically is only seen in patients who have used botulinum toxin for an extended period of time.)The muscle-restricting action is, for all practical purposes, like Botox and Dysport and the dosing is the same as Botox Cosmetic. Which to choose will be patient preference.

Price: $10/unit

DYSPORT is very similar to Botox with the primary neuroprotein, botulinum type A, being the same. The differences lie in the dosing unit calculation due to dilution type, the time it takes to see effectiveness, dispersion of the product and possibly longevity.

Dysport for many patients seems to take effect in 2-3 days and lasts approximately 4 months. For some treatments, such as forehead lines or crow’s feet, Dysport has a larger “spread”.

Dosage is individually tailored to your facial muscle mass to be most effective. Because dosing units are not similar, comparing dosage units of Botox to those of Dysport is not applicable. However, the typical unit “conversion formula” is 2.5 units of Dysport to 1 unit of Botox.

Dysport is contraindicated if you are allergic to cow milk protein.

Dysport is made by Gallderma and has been used medically since 1991.

Price: $5/unit

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So far my treatments have been fantastic. Loving the results!


Dr. Dado has been treating me for rosacea using microneedling. The treatments have been extremely effective! Dr. Dado is personable and professional approach has been fantastic and I’m considering the hair restoration with PRP.


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