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Effective anti-aging treatments that will transform you... from top to bottom.

Top To Bottom Medical Aesthetics gives you a chance to take some physical characteristic you are sensitive about or want to improve upon and removes that obstacle from living your best life. This, then allows you to feel good on the inside and let your light truly shine to others around you on the outside.

As a board-certified OBGYN I love learning about skin care and researching the latest advances in aesthetics and anti-aging solutions – which is why I created Top To Bottom Medical Aesthetics.  I address your specific concerns with personalized treatment plans designed.  Click here to learn more about me.


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Offering the latest technologies, designed with the patient in mind


Treatments that help rejuvenate the scalp to stimulate new follicular hair growth and thicker, fuller hair for men and women.


Offering cutting-edge anti-aging treatments combined with medical grade and nourishing skin care will rejuvenate your skin.



Specializing in treatments that help rejuvenate the look and feel of your body which will strengthen and heighten intimacy.

Customer Reviews

So far my treatments have been fantastic. Loving the results!


Dr. Dado has been treating me for rosacea using microneedling. The treatments have been extremely effective! Dr. Dado is personable and professional approach has been fantastic and I’m considering the hair restoration with PRP.


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